An inmate tries to escape from the Zalmon prison: “We need to be released”


A rare case in Zalmon Prison: A 54-year-old prisoner was seen on the roof of the wing where he was imprisoned while trying to escape • According to him: “I have finished prison, and I need to be released”

A 54-year-old criminal prisoner tried to escape today (Sunday) from the Zalmon prison where he is imprisoned. A team of guards spotted him on the roof of the wing where he was staying. This is a criminal prisoner, who is convicted of threats and causing damage.

The incident began shortly before 10:00 a.m., when the guards identified a figure dressed in civilian clothes on the roof of a wing in the interior of the Zalmon prison. Following this, a state of emergency was activated and within minutes the guards arrived on the scene, climbed on the roof and caught the criminal prisoner. In addition, on the roof, the prisoner’s clothes were found lying on the floor.

The guards lowered it from the roof and tied it up. During his interrogation, he claimed that he intended to flee because he claimed that he “finished prison and should be released.”

As stated, the 54-year-old prisoner is imprisoned for threats and causing damage, and this is his 17th entry into the prison. The prisoner is due to be released in October 2020.

The staff of the Zalmon Detention Center, with the assistance of the district forces, completed the searches and counted the prisoners in the Zalmon-Hermon prison complex until the escape of other prisoners was ruled out. Upon completion of the inspections at the compound, a return to routine was announced.


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