An indictment will be filed against a couple of parents suspected of abusing their infant son


Police have filed a prosecutor’s statement in the Ashkelon Magistrate’s Court against a couple of parents from the city, on suspicion of abusing their three-month-old son. The statement was filed yesterday, according to which the Southern District Attorney’s Office intends to file an indictment against them in the coming days.

It should be noted that the plaintiff’s statement relates to two different cases, the first of which occurred in May, when the baby was in the first weeks of his life.

On July 23, the police received a report from Barzilai Hospital about a suspicion of serious abuse of a three-month-old toddler. A medical examination revealed that the baby was suffering from severe injuries to all parts of his body, including blue marks in his genital area.

Following the findings, police investigators arrested the toddler’s parents, and then it emerged that in May they were questioned on similar suspicions, but then after several days of detention the court decided to release them and the case did not crystallize into an indictment.

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But now, in view of the multiplicity of acts and serious findings that have been revealed, the police have also opened the previous investigation file and managed in the current investigation to formulate an evidentiary basis in both cases, sufficient to file indictments against the parents. A report on the incidents was forwarded to welfare officials in Ashkelon.

The parents’ detention was extended from time to time and yesterday during the hearing on extending their detention, the police submitted a prosecutor’s statement against them, confirming the intention of the Southern District Attorney’s Office to file an indictment against them and a request for detention until the end of the proceedings.


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