An independent journalist was arrested on suspicion of harassing a witness in the submarine affair


Police this morning (Monday) arrested an independent journalist and another suspect on suspicion of committing offenses of invasion of privacy, conspiracy to commit a crime and harassing a witness in case 3,000 (the submarine affair). The journalist allegedly arrived at the witness’ home late in the evening and harassed her while introducing himself as an employee of a security body.

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Police conducted an undercover investigation led by the National Blade 433 Economic Crime Fighting Unit and eventually arrested the two. The investigation of the case began following a complaint filed in the Tel Aviv Fraud Unit by a public employee who previously held a senior position in a government ministry.

According to the complaint, the suspect located the witness’ home address, and at night he arrived while impersonating an intelligence officer and presented her with a fake article claiming that it was expected to be published. During the arrest, a search was made of the suspect’s home and digital and other media were seized.


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