AMuS: ‘Leclerc slower than Red Bull in first sector, top speed improved’


Ferrari is slowly starting to regroup after three bad races. During the qualification for the Grand Prix of Great Britain, Charles Leclerc managed to qualify fourth behind Max Verstappen. It is striking that the Italian racing stable has taken an important step at Silverstone.

Two cars in Q3. For Ferrari, this is a message with an exclamation mark, “reports the German Car, engine and sport. Moreover, Leclerc drove the fourth fastest lap with his SF1000. That’s only a tenth slower than Verstappen in an improved Red Bull. And that on a track that is not in Ferrari’s favor. ”

Difference with Mercedes is on average 2.5 km / h

Yet it is not yet flawless what Ferrari shows. Leclerc almost always loses time in the first sector compared to Red Bull. That’s a piece where engine power really counts. It is striking that Ferrari at top speed is no longer as hopeless as in the first three races. The Scuderia is no longer in last place, but is now somewhere in the middle of the field. The difference with Mercedes is on average 2.5 km / h ‘, the medium concludes hopefully. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)


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