AMSL Mayor Amsalem calls for a boycott of Big Fashion – this night reminded me of the boycott of European Jews


As mentioned, the Big Fashion management in Ashdod decided to open the entertainment and shopping complex last Saturday despite restrictions and religious coercion, after the ultra-Orthodox government ministers opposed the position of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Defense to lift the closure on weekends, as their demands for synagogue relief were not met..

The acting mayor and chairman of Shas was quick to respond and at the end of Shabbat called for a boycott of the Big compound, alleging incitement against the ultra-Orthodox public led by the compound’s management. “If it is not enough that for years the” Big “company has been encouraging mass desecration of the Sabbath against the opinion of the majority of the traditional people” – Amsalem wrote on his Facebook page, “Now, they have increased And the Ministry of Health as an ultra-Orthodox coercion“.

Mm"K. Mayor Avi Amsalem

My dear residents of Ashdod “- added the deputy mayor,” I call on you to support and encourage small businesses within the city, and not to buy in “Big Fashion” you have hated, split and incited. ”

Councilman Eli Nacht, who represents the secular public in the city, commented on Amsalem’s remarks and in a post he published this morning in response to his remarks, said: “The professionals’ conduct according to the purple mark does not endanger public health, so there was no real reason to harm this activity, which is bloodthirsty anyway.”.

Eli Nacht - From Nacht's Facebook page

“Avi Amsalem’s call for a boycott of the Big Fashion shopping center reminds me of dark times when elected officials would call for a boycott of Jewish businesses in order to eliminate them from economic life, especially in the field of commerce,” Nacht added.

Addressing Amsalem directly, he calls on him to come back and apologize: “A call for a boycott of Jewish businesses and more during such a difficult period of emergency is at least insensitive and a lack of understanding of the surrounding situation and in practice constitutes a call for economic violence against the residents of your city! Come back and apologize!”.

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