Amit Ben Yigal Stadium


The naming committee in Beer Yaakov decided to commemorate a Golani fighter who fell in an operational operation, and to name the municipal football stadium after him

The names committee in Be’er Ya’akov decided today (Thursday) that the new football stadium, which is now located in the council, will be named after the late soldier Amit Ben Yigal, who was killed by a terrorist three months ago.
The head of the Be’er Ya’akov council, Nissim Gozlan: “Amit is a member of an old and well-established family in Be’er Ya’akov. Amit was a perfect child in every way. “A role model for all Israeli children. These days, when the entire State of Israel surrounds Amit’s family, I have decided that in Be’er Ya’akov we will be pioneers to commemorate his memory. This is the least we can do to give peace to Amit the hero’s family.”
The head of the council added and appealed to other authorities to commemorate Amit “I call on all authorities to commemorate Amit as a role model in the fields of education, sports and love of the country, thus perpetuating his unique heritage and personality. The new football stadium in Beer Yaakov will be named after Amit G.” To. The stadium, which is located next to Amit’s grave, will connect him with the many young people who will visit the stadium and breathe life into Amit’s memory. ”

The father and mother of the late Amit, together with the head of the council. Photo: Natalie Nakuri Masuri

Amit’s father, Baruch Ben Yigal, thanked the head of the council: “I would like to thank the Be’er Ya’akov council and its head, Nissim Gozlan, for the honorable decision to commemorate the name and memory of our colleague. For us, on this day and after the unfortunate court decision “This is an important day that is a significant milestone for us parents and for me as a local and a native of Beer Yaakov. Beer Yaakov has always been and will remain the soul and the heart.”

Photo: Natalie Nasuri Masuri


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