American mercenaries face 20 years in prison in Venezuela | Abroad


Attorney General Tarek Saab released the sentence and says the men have pleaded guilty to a variety of criminal offenses, including arms smuggling and terrorism. Other suspects are also being prosecuted.

The Venezuelan authorities captured the US former military earlier this year. At that time, according to official sources, armed groups had moved from neighboring Colombia to Venezuela. They became involved in firefights with security forces.

The operation was reportedly intended to capture Maduro and take him to the United States. There is a price on his head because he is suspected of criminal activities. The American security company Silvercorp is said to have coordinated the raid.

Maduro at the time accused the United States of being involved in a thwarted coup d’état. The US government does not see Maduro as the rightful leader of his country, but denies having anything to do with the mercenary raid.


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