Alyssa Milano fought against coronavirus: ‘thought I was dying’


Alyssa posted a photo showing her to a fan. ‘I was there on April 2, after feeling super bad for two weeks. I’ve never felt so bad. Everything hurt. It was as if there was an elephant on my chest. I could barely breathe and could not keep food in. In two weeks I lost 4 kilos. I was completely confused and had a bad headache. I had all the symptoms of COVID-19, but the two tests I did before were negative, “said Alyssa.

The actress continued to feel bad and did some more tests. “I did the anti-dust test, after which I felt a little better. That test also came back negative. After not feeling ok for over four months now, I decided to go through the mill again. Which showed that I was tested positive after all COVID-19. With this, I just want to let you know that this virus is NOT a hoax. This is dead serious. I felt like I was dying, the symptoms were that intense. ”

“Now that I have been cured from the virus, I donate my plasma to science in the hope that it might save a life. Again, I couldn’t do anything at all when I was sick. My body was numb and at the same time hurt a lot. Take care of yourself and others. Wear a face mask, keep your distance and wash your hands. Please.’

Actress Reese Witherspoon, among others, responded to Alyssa’s message. “Oh dear, how terrible that you were so sick. But at the same time I want to thank you for what you teach and give us. This is what we need now. ” Our own Diederik cannot appoint you often enough to obey the rules.


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