Also positive feedback about the first windmill at wind farm N33: ‘It is nice and slim’


Farmer Gijs van Oostrum from Scheemda lives about 2.5 kilometers from the mill. He was not exactly waiting for a wind farm of 35 windmills in front of the door, but he is still reasonably positive now that the first windmill has been built.

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‘It is a very beautiful, slender windmill,’ says Van Oostrum. “It is sunny now and then you see it, but if it is a somewhat grayer day then the windmill will largely disappear, I think.”

‘We have to find something’

Van Oostrum finds the technology of wind turbines interesting. Moreover, during his period as a farmer in Flevoland, he got used to windmills on the horizon. He also thinks something should be done with an eye to the environment. ‘We all have to charge our phones and watch television, so we all need electricity. The fossil fuel will go away and so we will have to find something, ‘says Van Oostrum.

35 mills in total

The park consists of 35 windmills about 200 meters high. The largest part, 27 windmills, will be built between the triangle of the A7 and the N33 to Meeden. The other eight mills will be built along the N33 near Veendam and Wildervank. ‘Yes, that will be a completely different face,’ says Van Oostrum hesitantly. “And they always stay there.”


Van Oostrum understands that most of the residents in the area hate the mills. ‘That also has to do with the income to a large extent. A number of people earn from the mills and others, who do have the expense of the mills, get nothing at all. Yes, that is not good, ‘says van Oostrum.

Wind farm N33 is to supply electricity to 75,000 households. It is expected that the park will be completely finished by the end of the year.

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