Also commentator Avsaroglu ‘the bobbin’: ‘Oh, not thought about it, said Feyenoord’


Arman Avsaroglu also did not escape the duty of masking during Feyenoord-Sparta on Sunday afternoon. The commentator had traveled to De Kuip on behalf of the NOS to comment on the friendly city derby and did so with a face mask.

Feyenoord limited the number of spectators – after intervention of the local authorities – from seven thousand to three thousand and made wearing a mouth mask mandatory, it said on Friday. Avsaroglu got in touch after hearing this news. “I had a bit of regret, because I had a lot of contact with Feyenoord: what the guidelines would be and how it would go. Then the mouth masks obligation came to De Kuip and I decided to ask: how are the commentators doing? That was the biggest mistake I made “, he says in the NOS Football Podcast.

Avsaroglu turned out to give Feyenoord ideas. “I got the answer: oh, we haven’t really thought about it at all, I will inquire, it will be fine. A few hours later I got a call. Yes sorry, the municipality of Rotterdam says: no exceptions. So the commentators must also comment with a mask. Well, there we went. “

However, the experiment did not pose any insurmountable problems for Avsaroglu. “We work with such a headset. If your mouth mask is a bit loose, you can stuff that microphone under it. Well, that worked and I actually commented for ninety minutes. It took some getting used to in the beginning, but actually it went fine. “


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