Already very busy on highways: waiting 5 hours for border Slovenia


It is black Saturday in France, which means that many French people get into the car today. It is especially busy on the so-called Route du Soleil, between Lyon and Marseille. “It is especially busy from north to south. It is as if there is nothing wrong in the world.”

5 hours in line

Also for the infamous Gotthard Tunnel between Switzerland and Italy you stand still for a long time, around 8 o’clock in the morning the waiting time there was an hour and a half. There are also a lot of cars in line for the Karawankentunnel, between Austria and Slovenia. You have to wait there for five hours. “Slovenia is very popular,” says De Hart. His possible explanation: the negative travel advice for Croatia.

The busiest moment of the day is yet to come, De Hart expects between 12 and 2. “After that, things will slowly decrease.”

Busy after Paris

In the Netherlands, the roads are relatively empty, so you will probably be able to spend the first part of your journey without a traffic jam. “But after Paris it gets busy.”


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