“Already in 2021 we will sell insurance outside of Israel”


About two years after its inception, the digital insurance company weSure launched its digital insurance services this morning (Tuesday), in an event held in Zoom from the company’s offices with the participation of Chairman Emil Weinschel, CEO Nitzan Tzair Harim and former group president, former Commissioner Yohanan Danino.

As part of the launch, as revealed in “Calcalist” last weekend, Winschel announced that the next step for Vyshor is to open representations in Europe, the United States and Africa, the first of which will be in 2021.

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John Danino Photo: Amit Shaal

“Our company’s goal is to be global,” Danino said. “Digital has proven that all barriers can be overcome. In some places Corona has even expanded our business results in volumes and profits. Lemonade’s offering has proven how much investors believe inShortK “.

The services you will offer in the field of home insurance include digital home insurance for the building, contents and mortgage.

“For us, the launch of home insurance is another significant step that benefits the Israeli consumer public who can benefit from technological advancement. Unlike companies such as Lemonade, Hippo and Next Insurance, we chose to bring the news of digital insurance to the Israeli consumer first and only then expand abroad. “Israel is a start-up nation and the Israeli public deserves to enjoy the developments that originate in the country,” said Winshel.

“Our market share in 2019 was 3.6% and in 2020 we expect it to be about 10%. Already in our first year of operation, we reached an operational balance. Our developments and the innovation we bring do not fall short of the rest of the world. We want Israelis to enjoy Israeli high-tech. Unlike companies that go abroad, they do not pay taxes in Israel and the citizens here do not benefit from it. “After we also launched the housing insurance in Israel, we will sell insurance outside Israel as early as 2021.”

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