Already 8200 tests at test street Zwaag; New update figures for Westfriesland


REGION – Anyone with (mild) complaints that are compatible with the corona virus can now also make a test appointment online and view the results of the corona test. This is an addition to the national agreement number 0800 – 1202 of the GGD. This number can be reached 7 days a week from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm to make a test appointment.

Make an appointment

A test appointment can be made online via the website of the National Government. A DigiD is required to make an appointment. After you enter your zip code, the system will display test locations and available times. After the choice follows an appointment confirmation by e-mail and SMS. If the result is known, this will also be reported by e-mail and text message. You can view the results again on the site with DigiD. Positive test results are still only communicated by telephone by the GGD. This is because the source and contact investigation is started immediately upon the result.

Update Westfriesland

In the past week (4 to 11 August) there were 19 new corona reports in West Friesland. After no increase in the July 14 update, this number is now increasing slightly every week. On July 21 (4), July 28 (8), August 4 (11) and August 11, 19 new corona reports. Since June 16 there have been three new hospital admissions. Death from corona has been at zero for weeks in West Friesland.

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Test Street Zwaag

Meanwhile, more than 8,200 tests have already been taken at the test street in Zwaag. From 3 June, the opening of the test street, there will be about 119 per day.

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