Alphonso Davies gets a great compliment from big name in left back position


Saturday, August 15, 2020 at

Alphonso Davies was unmistakably one of the stars on the side at Bayern Munich on Friday evening. The German superpower swept Barcelona off the field in the quarter finals of the Champions League with an unprecedented 2-8 result. Davies, who in particular played a great role as an assistant at the 2-5, receives a wonderful compliment from Real Madrid’s Marcelo on Instagram.

Davies as an emerging left back was a scourge for the defense of Barcelona, ​​which, partly due to the inadequate running of Lionel Messi, had great difficulty in absorbing the Canadian. Davies put right back Nelson Semedo in an individual action in the 63rd minute, started a solo over the backline of Barcelona and then put the ball on a silver platter for Joshua Kimmich: 2-5.

A day after the match, Davies posts some photos of the match on his Instagram account. “Great performance by the team last night”, the nineteen-year-old fullback praises the team. Marcelo, who has been playing for Real Madrid since 2006, has an eye for Davies’ individual performance. The 32-year-old Brazilian writes about his position companion: “You bring joy to my eyes when I see you play, kid! “Marcelo’s response has now been liked more than 70,000 times.


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