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Earth surface When is Ricky? Clip

Our world is not a fair world, there is nothing to do.

Not everyone is born equal and also the doses of talents and skills vary from person to person, who more and who less, who in one field and who in another field. The division is not fair, it cannot be so. This natural discrimination sometimes creates extreme situations, as in Matti Shrikki’s story.

Ricky is an occupying singer. His voice is clean, convincing, Israeli. He is also a talented writer, keep an eye out for the lyrics of his songs, the lyrics, the pain, the sincerity, the melody. Ricky composes gracefully. He does not need foreign melodies and other writers, he knows how to measure text to the sound of his throat, and seeing that it is good, to sew a tight melody. He’s a guitarist, he’s a pianist, he’s a great player. As the corona passes, put yourself on the checklist of watching at least once a whistle appears. Here and there, Ricky also reached out to the realms of graphics and animation, with famous artists and with him.

However, ‘Earth’, the clip that accompanies Khadashir that came out today, is no longer a ‘clip’ of stacking characters and elements from free stock, ‘Earth’ is another work of art in the field of animation and editing by Shrikki himself. A masterpiece clip that Ricky has been working on for over a year. Polished, precise, refined, beautiful.

Every frame is a painting, it is an accuracy to the right sound, to the right feeling and expression of Shrikki’s grief, in his own memories and in our memories, viewers and listeners, from one of the national low points of the last decades, the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif and northern Samaria.

With a big heart and a huge talent, Ricky enlists, fifteen years after the disengagement, all the tools God has given him and composes, composes, sings, illustrates, edits, presents and plays one of the beautiful ballads written about the deportation, along with the pain and sadness it has, It also has hope and sunrise, a new light.


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