Alexander Albon complains about RB16: “Feels different every round”


Alexander Albon, just like last weekends, is having a difficult time this weekend. This time no crashes or sliders during training, but it is not going well for the Thai Briton when the times lists are viewed.

Max Verstappen’s teammate is having a hard time next to the Dutchman and he is not coming out well this weekend either. The 24-year-old driver from London says he has a hard time with the RB16: “It’s very difficult. Every time I go out, the car feels different. Every time the car feels different from the previous lap.”

“Initially the car didn’t even feel bad in qualifying, I must say. I did a very good lap in Q3 on an old used set of medium tires. So I was very optimistic for my last run but I had a hard time. The last run in Q3 I rode on new soft tires and they were no faster than the used mediums. I still have work to do but forget about this. ”

Race speed

Another catch-up race awaits him for Sunday. The driver with number 23 thinks he can overtake: “The car is able to move forward, so that’s positive. I also expect a better race because we can play with strategies. Moreover, we showed here last weekend that the speed in the race is absolutely there. We expect that tomorrow too. ”


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