Aldi closes headquarters and distribution center Zaandam: 125 employees on the kick chair


ZAANDAM – Supermarket chain Aldi closes its head office and distribution center in Zaandam. As a result, the jobs of about 125 employees hang on a thread.

With the closure of the Zaandamse bv, the only Noord-Holland bv that Aldi had disappeared. However, the price-conscious supermarket customer does not have to worry. “The stores will of course continue to exist,” a spokesperson told NH Nieuws. Also, the cancellation has no consequences for the 750 employees of the stores that are still covered by Aldi Zaandam.

Except in Zaandam, Aldi currently has nine BVs in the Netherlands. “Every BV has its own head office, with a distribution center linked to it,” explains the spokesperson. In the future, North Holland Aldi’s will be supplied by the BV in Zoetermeer.

Help with finding a new job

Staff have since been informed of the decision. Aldi ‘has the intention’ to guide the 125 supernumerary people in finding a new job. “Many of them have been working for Aldi for a long time. We have contacted the unions and invited them to consult with us to come to a social plan,” said director of Aldi Zoetermeer BV and Aldi Zaandam BV, Bastiaan van Loon, in a press release.

In the same press release, the Zaandam division is considered ‘not future-proof’. It is not known exactly what the chain means by this. The spokesperson did not want to explain the wording further on request.


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