Albrandswaards Dagblad | Men mistreated after requesting to clean up junk


Two men were severely assaulted in Gouda after one of them asked four boys to clean up their junk. The two victims were taken to a hospital with serious injuries, the police report on Sunday.

The abuse took place on the Doesburgweg in the night from Friday to Saturday. One of the victims, men aged 41 and 45, lives in a building on Doesburgweg. He asked the four boys around midnight to clean up their messes, police said. Then he was hit so hard that he passed out. The other man also received multiple blows, after which the four men probably fled between the ages of 18 and 20. The police are looking for witnesses for the investigation.

According to various media, one of the victims is in mortal danger, but a police spokesman does not make any statements about this.

By: ANP | Photo: Sander van den Berg


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