Albon positive: “Car was really incredible today”


Alexander Albon crossed the line fifth in the second Grand Prix at Silverstone, well behind his teammate. Albon indicates that he had a lot of problems due to the dirty air of his competitors, which prevented him from showing his true pace throughout the race.

Alexander Albon is still struggling to keep up with Max Verstappen’s pace. While his younger teammate can regularly compete for the podium, he often seems to be stuck in midfield. The 24-year-old started the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix from ninth position, while teammate Max Verstappen was allowed to start from fourth place. In the end, Verstappen managed to win the race, while Albon had to settle for fifth place in the final classification. The 24-year-old explains to Jack Plooij what exactly happened during his race.

“I think it was very difficult in the beginning because of the DRS train,” Albon said opposite Ziggo Sport . “I didn’t do much in the first 20 laps of the race. I felt like it was really hard to overtake someone with all those cars in front of me. I was just struggling,” he explains. “But honestly once we got down and I had some space, the car was really unbelievable. And then we got to show our real pace.” Albon indicates that he just had to wait until he had the chance to show his true pace and get through the field.

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“I had a good comeback at the end and I am happy with that, but yes I think we could have been better than fifth place.” At the end of the race, the Thai Briton suddenly got going and according to him that had everything to do with the air in which he was driving. “It was the clean air. We had to fight and overtake most of the race, when we were in the clean air we could finally push and that was the result. I wish we could have done that sooner, but yeah. , ”he concludes.


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