Albert Verlinde: “Hiding orientation was perhaps also my salvation” NOW


Albert Verlinde had a hard time as a student because he kept his sexual orientation to himself, but in conversation with de Volkskrant the theater maker realizes that his choice may also have been a rescue, because the AIDS epidemic made many victims at the time.

Verlinde, 59, studied at the Kleinkunstacademie in the early 1980s. Although he had already come out of the closet for his immediate environment, he still kept his orientation at the university. “While that was the last place you should be ashamed of yourself,” says Verlinde.

“But I said nothing,” the producer continues. “Because I wanted to prove that I was more than just that, that there was nothing special about me. That gave me a twisted life, because hiding something like that is not useful when you do such an education.”

“However, that may have been my salvation afterwards,” says Verlinde. “Because AIDS came up at that time. And because I did not lead an openly gay life, it protected me. Arjan Ederveen once said that it was a kind of trauma for our generation. golden years but you couldn’t: you died. Everything to do with love and sex was contaminated. Death hung in the city, so I can name ten friends who are no longer there. It is almost impossible to explain how drastic that was. ”

Verlinde is known as a television host and theater producer. He has been married to politician Onno Hoes since 2001. The couple previously announced that they were breaking up, but chose to remain married. Recently they bought a house in Amsterdam together.


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