Airplane overloaded with cocaine crashes in Papua New Guinea | NOW


An airplane crashed in Papua New Guinea because it was overloaded with cocaine. The plane was on its way to Australia, according to Australian police.

The plane crashed almost immediately after takeoff in Papua New Guinea. According to the authorities, the small device was overloaded because of the more than 500 kilos of cocaine that was hidden in it.

Police say the cocaine found has a value of 80 million Australian dollars, about 48 million euros. This makes it one of the largest drug seizures ever in the history of Oceania.

“It looks like criminals in their greed have overloaded the plane with the drugs. That is probably why it crashed,” police said in a statement.

The pilot of the plane survived the crash and initially managed to stay out of the hands of the police. Later he reported himself to the police.

Due to their possible involvement in the smuggling attempt, five more men have been arrested in the Australian states of Queensland and Victoria. The police would have been on their tracks for some time, but with the suspicion of drug smuggling now have a concrete reason to arrest them. The men are said to have ties to the Italian mafia.


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