Airlines: Without outline and assistance we will not be able to return money to customers


The other members of the committee also did not spare criticism of the representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the companies. “It is impossible to continue with this bluff of the opening of the sky,” said MK Idan Roll (There is a Future). Do not open the sky because we are the country with the highest morbidity. The government has failed to deal with the corona. “His faction member, MK Boaz Toporovsky, also criticized them, mentioning that he had previously suggested that the state set up a fund that would return the money to customers, and that it would collect the money from airlines in the future. “We will reach the end of September and again they will ask for a postponement,” he said.

MK Yevgeny Soba (Yisrael Beiteinu) presented to the committee members about 200 inquiries from customers waiting for their money, and also expressed remorse for the relief granted to the companies. “The requests of people who have had flights canceled, people do not understand what is happening,” he said.

As stated, in light of the insufficient answers he said, the chairman of the committee decided to close the meeting and not hold a vote or promote legislation on the subject. “I am ready to hold the meeting every day and every hour and I am ready to be satisfied with the presence of the directors of the ministries, but without it I will not advance the bill.” At the end of the discussion, Chairman Margie announced that if the ministries responded to this request, he intended to resume the meeting tomorrow morning.


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