Air traffic is back on track at Eindhoven Airport, but delays continue


No air traffic was possible at Eindhoven Airport for almost all morning on Friday. Air traffic started again around one o’clock, the airport reports to Omroep Brabant. However, there are still flights delayed. The crowds at the airport also meant that some passengers did not take the 1.5 meter rule and wearing mouth masks seriously, travelers at the airport complained.

The passengers of three flights were taken to other airports by buses on Friday morning: a bus to Maastricht Aachen Airport and a bus to Niederrhein airport in Weeze, Germany. Due to the crowds, passengers of new flights will not be admitted to the airport on Friday until the delayed air traffic has sufficiently recovered. That now seems to be happening slowly.

Eindhoven Airport is calling inside and outside the terminal to observe the 1.5 meter distance, but not all passengers seemed to comply with the measures, as can be seen in photos online. The airport has meanwhile deployed additional personnel for enforcement.

No air traffic
The chaos at the airport started with a sick report. An employee, a radar operator of military air traffic control at Schiphol, suddenly called in sick on Friday morning. Due to occupancy problems, air traffic was therefore not possible until half past noon on Friday. About 1400 travelers have been waiting for their flight at Eindhoven Airport since Friday morning.


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