Air traffic Eindhoven Airport has stopped, crowds at the airport


All air traffic at Eindhoven Airport is currently suspended until approximately 12.30 pm on Friday afternoon. The airport reports this on Twitter. Since 08.15 a.m. on Friday, no flights can land or depart.

Due to tight staffing and illness at military air traffic control, no air traffic is possible at Eindhoven. Flights that were already underway have been diverted to the airports of Maastricht and Weeze. Between 8:15 am and 12:30 pm, 33 flights were scheduled, which have now been delayed, diverted or in some cases canceled.

Images from local media show that it is very busy in the departure halls of the airport. According to Omroep Brabant, there are currently 1,400 travelers present, not all of whom (can) keep a meter and a half away. The corona measure would also not always be enforced in the buses that transport travelers to Maastricht and Weeze.

According to the ANP news agency, the airport in Eindhoven has often suffered from capacity problems at military air traffic control. In December it was impossible to fly on several days due to a shortage of air traffic controllers.

Images from Eindhovens Dagblad show that the airport is busy.


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