Air conditioners installers are experiencing heyday due to heat and corona | NOW


Installers of air conditioning systems can hardly keep up with the work at the moment. Due to the corona crisis and the warm weather, the demand from private individuals in particular is skyrocketing, industry organization Techniek Nederland told

The organization’s spokesperson speaks of a top year for the air conditioning industry. Last year, approximately 123,000 air conditioners were sold, this year sales are expected to increase by 50 percent to 185,000. “Given the heat, it is not unlikely that we will even go towards 200,000 this year,” said the spokesman.

The industry is benefiting from the growing number of home workers. “As a result of the corona crisis, even more people are now working from home, and that, together with the current heat wave, ensures that things have really exploded. Installers can hardly keep up.”

The installations still have the image of energy guzzlers for many people. Wrongly, says Techniek Nederland. “Air conditioners nowadays have to comply with strict European rules regarding energy efficiency. And because the air conditioner is usually on during the day, a combination with solar panels is attractive.”

Now in one in five houses air conditioning

A study by energy supplier Essent confirms that air conditioning is gaining popularity. Almost one in five houses (19 percent) has a climate system. Another 15 percent of households are considering the purchase of an air conditioner.

Nevertheless, Essent notes that most Dutch people rely on traditional methods to keep the house cool, such as good sun protection for the window. Two thirds keep windows and doors closed when there is heat and almost everyone has a fan somewhere.


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