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וויליאמסבורג, ניו יורק

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Against the background of the US Census for 2020, which is currently taking place, Agudat Israel calls on all ultra-Orthodox Jews in the United States to take part in it and make an impact.

The census is conducted by the U.S. government every ten years. “Filling out the form requires only a few minutes of investment, but its impact may be felt for years,” the organization’s management said in a statement.

“Full participation of community members across the country is of paramount importance and is of great benefit to us. Filling out the form requires an investment of only a few minutes, but its impact may be felt for years.”

According to the organization, the census results have far-reaching implications for the ultra-Orthodox communities in the United States. The organization’s activists list a partial list showing the census’s impact: “The funding levels of over three hundred federal government programs (such as Medicare’s health insurance program, unemployment insurance and a variety of federal education programs that provide benefits to private schools, including meetings) are determined, at least in a manner Partly, based on the results of the census. ”

“In addition, the level of representation of ultra-Orthodox communities in Congress and local and national legislative bodies is directly related to the size of our population, according to data obtained during the census. The only way to ensure that issues important to us are given preferential treatment in government is through adequate representation.”

“Agudat Israel in America appeals to anyone who cares for the benefit of the ultra-Orthodox public, its growth and representation, to participate in the census this year, which is taking place these days.”


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