Agreement in principle between Mercedes and US authorities on diesel gate settlement | NOW


Daimler and subsidiary Mercedes-Benz reached an agreement in principle with the US authorities on the night from Thursday to Friday on the settlement of several lawsuits and claims following the diesel scandal.

This concerns approximately 250,000 passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Daimler expects to lose at least 2 billion euros.

In the diesel scandal, the group faced, among others, the US environmental agency EPA, the Department of Justice and the California prosecutor. The diesel vehicles from Mercedes-Benz would be equipped with cheating software, which kept the car’s emissions artificially low during an emissions test.

Daimler has set aside about 1.27 billion euros for settlements with the authorities and another 592 million euros for handling lawsuits and attorneys’ fees. In addition, the German concern expects to need millions for claims.

The total amount will affect the group’s annual figures for the next three years, Daimler reports.


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