Again: Storm over a cartoon in the Haaretz newspaper: “Apologize”


Knitted News04.08.20 10:38 14th of Av

The cartoon that caused a stir

A cartoon by cartoonist Amos Biderman, which was published this morning (Tuesday) in the Haaretz newspaper, is once again causing a stir on social media.

The cartoon shows an ultra-Orthodox man entering Israel after landing from a flight full of corona viruses in his luggage. The cartoon was published following the decision of Prof. Roni Gamzo to allow the entry of about 20,000 students, students of youth movements and yeshiva students in the near future.

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Although it is not just the ultra-Orthodox, Biderman chose to present an ultra-Orthodox person entering the country.

MK Bezalel Smutrich responded to the cartoon and wrote: “Even in Der Streamer they could not have made it more anti-Semitic.”

Another surfer wrote: “I wonder where your brush went when 15,000 people demonstrated against Bibi in insane overcrowding and a beep on the instructions. Oh, actually it’s against Bibi.”

“Honestly ask yourself if you would dare to paint such a painting when the main character is not an ultra-Orthodox or a settler. Oh no? Fine, now apologize,” wrote another surfer.

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Another surfer added: “All the arguments in the world, will not justify a cartoon from 1933. Our ancestors were burned and slaughtered, and it started from a cartoon so-called ‘realistic’ but saturated with hatred and incitement.”

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