Again: Minister Ganz ignores the ultra-Orthodox media


a a A Defense Minister Bnei Gantz held an update call today (Thursday) with military reporters on the corona plague, but “forgot” to invite the reporters who cover the field in the ultra-Orthodox sector.

This is not the first time that the ultra-Orthodox reporters on military and security affairs have been boycotted by the defense minister: On June 23, Ganz had a conversation with the Katzim (military reporters) and even then no ultra-Orthodox journalist was invited.

Kol Barama’s military and security correspondent, Mandy Riesel, lamented the issue even then, tweeting on his Twitter account: “Who was not invited to Defense Minister Bnei Gantz’s conversation with military reporters? You guessed it, the reporters in the ultra-Orthodox media covering the field.”

A day later, Gantz apologized to him for what he described as a “malfunction,” claiming that they had received the list of military reporters from the IDF and that it was in good faith.

But, as mentioned, the disregard for the ultra-Orthodox media is repeated today. “After that tweet, they called Gantz’s office and apologized, promising to fix it,” Riesel was angry, “and today Benny Gantz spoke again with Zim about Corona. And who will not be briefed again? The military reporters in the ultra-Orthodox media. “

“Project Gamzo said today that about a third of the patients are ultra-Orthodox; Minister Ganz wants to reduce morbidity? Just talk to the ultra-Orthodox media, and pass on messages.”

It should be noted that Gantz completely ignores the ultra-Orthodox media, when in all three election campaigns he was not interviewed as chairman of ‘Blue and White’.

“The fact that even today he did not invite the ultra-Orthodox reporters for his talk indicates,” many in the ultra-Orthodox media claim, “of contempt or ignorance.”

Kikar Hashabat has learned that a source in the Ministry of Defense said this evening that this is a just claim and that this has been transferred to the relevant parties for treatment, andThe Defense Minister’s Office said in an official response: “The conversation took place with the military reporters’ cell, as it was defined by an external public committee years ago.”


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