Again measures against crowds: use of fences and security guards at parks


Due to the persistent summer heat, the municipality is once again taking measures to spread the crowds in the city. For example, fences are placed at some popular swimming spots and parks.

The fences will be placed on Friday 7 August at park Somerlust aan de Amstel. After that, a few more people are allowed to sunbathe. But when it gets too busy, the gates close.

This is also the case with the Bogortuin on Java island. In addition, cyclists are banned at Park Schinkeleilanden, so that more space is created.


Finally, access to the Vondelpark is limited. In total, only six entrances, including Stadhouderskade and Amstelveenseweg, will remain open there.

It was already very busy in these places. The municipality hopes to prevent this now, so that the number of corona infections will not increase in the coming days.

Map with busy places

A map has been developed to ensure that Amsterdammers also take the increasing crowds into account. They can then see in which areas it is busy or quiet.

In addition, the municipality has drawn up a list of swimming places, so that not everyone takes a dip in the water in the same place.


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