Again he: Altman gave Hapoel Tel Aviv 0: 1 over Ashdod


Toto Cup 20-21

Game board

Outstanding Actor

Roy Burns, Score: 7
At 18, the goalkeeper showed a lot of confidence and recorded two big saves

The disappointing actor

Gil Cohen, Score: 4
His team and result could have been different without the unnecessary exclusion

The 2020/21 season kicked off tonight (Saturday) at the 11th Stadium, where Hapoel Tel Aviv, which did not list to say the least in the preparation games for the season so far, scored 0: 1 over MS Ashdod, as part of the first round in House 3 of the Toto Cup .

Hapoel Tel Aviv had three warm-up games until its first official game, when in all of them the Reds lost, including losses to Hapoel Raj and Kfar Shalem from the national league. This time, team coach Nir Klinger chose to come up with a three-brake lineup, which helped his team look much less vulnerable as Roy Burns who stood between the posts was left jobless throughout most of the game.

The game did not rise to a high level, but after 23 particularly weak minutes, Omri Altman again did nothing. The guest could not get to the situations, until the striker stole the ball for Ashdod’s defense and arranged a penalty that left the 10-player host after Gil Cohen was sent off after preventing him from surely scoring a goal. Altman also took responsibility and with a lot of composure brought down Klinger’s team with a break advantage.

There is not much to tell about the second half, in which the Reds mainly tried to keep the score when on the other hand, the opponent who played with ten players could not really endanger the 18-year-old Barnes’ hair except in two situations, where the goalkeeper successfully saved Shlomi Azoulay One by Nir Barada on the verge of the final whistle. The result was maintained until the end and the Reds from Tel Aviv can be happy with a victory in the first official game. On the other hand, it seems that Ran Ben Shimon has a lot of work to do, since his team did not manage to bother the Tel Avivians too much.

Half a second

  • ’90+5
  • acidification
  • Kotlia almost scored a debut goal for Hapoel Tel Aviv. The striker received a delivery from Delicacy Hershkovitz, made a mistake and kicked over the goal
  • ’90+4
  • acidification
  • What a rescue by Roy Burns. Nir Barada turned inside the extension and kicked a flat ball, the goalkeeper jumped excellently and the top to the corner
  • ’85
  • Spare
  • Omar Brown replaced Doron Leidner
  • ’77
  • Spare
  • Lev Kotlia made his Hapoel Tel Aviv debut, Altman went down to the bench
  • ’76
  • Spare
  • Sagiv Yehezkel came in to play, Samuel Alabi went down to the bench
Dean David (Martin Gutdamek)Dean David (Martin Gutdamek)
  • ’75
  • acidification
  • Ashdod almost stung on the other side. Dean David was sent forward and put Shlomi Azulai one-on-one, but the young Roy Burns stood his test and saved the contact’s kick, which was also repulsed immediately afterwards from the goal line
  • ’72
  • Spare
  • Another replacement for Klinger: Eili Tamam replaced Amit Meir
Samuel Alaby kicks (Martin Gutdamek)Samuel Alaby kicks (Martin Gutdamek)
  • ’65
  • acidification
  • Another dangerous attack by Hapoel. This time Hershkovitz arranged an excellent situation for Altman, who missed closely
  • ’64
  • acidification
  • Finally a dangerous situation. Hapoel Tel Aviv burst out led by Cooper who gave a great message to Hershkovitz, the striker entered the field and released a not good enough kick that went over the goal
Shalev Hemlock vs. Armando Cooper (Martin Gutdamek)Shalev Hemlock vs. Armando Cooper (Martin Gutdamek)
  • ’57
  • Spare
  • Nir Barada also came into play, Canaan vacated his place
  • ’57
  • Spare
  • Moore Herds replaces Nenad Santkovic
  • ’57
  • Spare
  • Firas Abu Aql replaced Shlomi Azulai
Shai Eisen before Dean David (Martin Gutdamek)Shai Eisen before Dean David (Martin Gutdamek)
  • ’46
  • Spare
  • Eden Hershkovitz also came in, Shahar Hirsch went down to the bench
  • ’46
  • Spare
  • Nir Klinger made a double substitution at the break. The first to leave was Emanuel Boateng, who was replaced by Armando Cooper

first half

Hapoel Tel Aviv players celebrate with Omri Altman (Martin Gutdamek)Hapoel Tel Aviv players celebrate with Omri Altman (Martin Gutdamek)
Hapoel Tel Aviv players celebrate with Omri Altman (Martin Gutdamek)Hapoel Tel Aviv players celebrate with Omri Altman (Martin Gutdamek)
Omri Altman conquers from the penalty spot (Martin Gutdamek)Omri Altman conquers from the penalty spot (Martin Gutdamek)
  • ’24
  • Gate in Pendel
  • Gate! Hapoel Tel Aviv went up to 0: 1: After failing, Altman also took the responsibility and with a lot of composure threw my lips to the left corner and sent a pass to the right corner
Gil Cohen removed (Martin Gutdamek)Gil Cohen removed (Martin Gutdamek)
Nael Odeh distances Gil Cohen (Martin Gutdamek)Nael Odeh distances Gil Cohen (Martin Gutdamek)
Gil Cohen stumbles Omri Altman (Martin Gutdamek)Gil Cohen stumbles Omri Altman (Martin Gutdamek)
  • ’23
  • Red Card
  • A hard blow to Ashdod, who were left with 10 players after Gil Cohen tripped Omri Altman on his safe way to the goal. Nael Odeh of course did not hesitate, removed the Ashdod brake and pointed to the penalty spot
Shalev Hemlock (Martin Gutdamek)Shalev Hemlock (Martin Gutdamek)
  • ’16
  • acidification
  • Ashdod reached the first opportunity in the game. Muhammad Canaan got the ball on the left and passed to the center, his hemlock came from behind and kicked with a touch but his ball slipped out of the frame
Tom Ben Zaken off the field (Martin Gutdamek)Tom Ben Zaken descends from the field (Martin Gutdamek)
  • ’13
  • Spare
  • Ran Ben Shimon had to make a substitution within less than a quarter of an hour of the opening whistle. Old Tom was injured and was replaced by Moore Herd
  • ‘1
  • Judge's decision
  • Nael Odeh set the deal in motion
Ran Ben Shimon (Martin Gutdamek)Ran Ben Shimon (Martin Gutdamek)
Nir Klinger (Martin Gutdamek)Nir Klinger (Martin Gutdamek)


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