Again: Foam bath in a nature reserve


The hikers who went out in droves on Friday did not expect that during bathing in the river they would suddenly find themselves covered with soap • The stream that passes through the Tal Reserve in the north of the country was filled with foam and could not be bathed • One hiker: “We came to enjoy nature, not destroy it”


Photo: Orna Krasnopoller

While the Dew Forest was crowded with hikers and visitors yesterday (Friday) in the afternoon, bathers in the creek noticed a disturbing phenomenon. The water of the creek suddenly became cloudy and filled with foam. The hikers claim that it was difficult to stay in the water and that it was probably a soap used by hikers nearby. The Nature and Parks Authority has opened an investigation into the matter.

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“We immediately took the children out of the water because we did not know the source of the foam,” said one of the hikers who was present. “Until one of the kids grabbed some foam and by the smell said it was soap. Of course we didn’t let the kids in until everything was over. We were really disappointed and disgusted by the behavior of the holidaymakers here.

The Nature and Parks Authority said that “the place has returned to normal” and that “visitors who notice such behavior are asked to report it immediately to the site staff”.

A similar incident occurred about two months ago at the “Lifta” spring in Jerusalem, so hikers turned the natural spring into a foam bath. The beautiful weather took the hikers to the nature reserves, but there are those who decided to leave the human fingerprint after visiting the site. Then a bottle of soap spilled into the spring and caused it to foam.


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