After two decades: Dimension Studios changes owners


Erez Kuriel, CEO and owner of Point 2 Ponit, said that we have identified an opportunity, especially during the Corona period, to enter a complex that will allow us to concentrate all our high technical capabilities in one place and add our own production house, spread over thousands of meters in an ideal location In Ramat Hachayal. “The complex contains three studios, the largest of which covers about 600 square meters, the second about 250 square meters and the third 100 square meters.The company, founded 20 years ago by Erez Kuriel and specializes in productions, caters primarily to the business market and offers production of broadcast magazines and virtual conferences across all platforms, with an emphasis on digital broadcasts. At the same time, the company intends to enter the field of content in the coming year, producing and producing original formats for the various digital platforms. The studios will offer editing, after effects and 3D in the post-production complex that will be set up on site.


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