After the threat of a strike: Sick days will not be deducted for the period of isolation for doctors


The doctors’ threat to strike worked: A few minutes ago, an agreement was reached to regulate the isolation days for doctors and physicians between Finance Minister Israel Katz and the Medical Federation. The agreement was signed last night by the Histadrut, declaring a labor dispute, along with severe staff shortages. The days of isolation if they were with a verified patient, also by virtue of their work.However, other issues concerning the labor dispute have not yet been resolved.

Now, the Ministry of Finance announces that “out of appreciation and appreciation for the mobilization of the medical staff for dedicated and professional work around the clock, an agreement was signed today (Monday) ordering doctors who went into isolation due to exposure to coronavirus as part of their medical work. “It was also agreed on a mutual economic arrangement that ensures that sick days will not be deducted for the period of isolation for doctors who were exposed to Corona as part of their medical work.” Physicians who are forced to stay in isolation after exposure to a verified patient outside of work – will not be indemnified.

The doctors’ labor dispute, however, has not been fully resolved and is still on the table. According to the RAI, the conflict was declared, inter alia, “in light of the non-allocation of standards required to meet the exceptional workload during the corona period (including multiple shifts) and against the background of the severe shortage of hospitals and the community; And in light of the decision of the finance officials to impose on the hospitals part of the funding of the additional standards – which will further deepen the growing deficits and necessitate the dismissal of employees.

“Among the causes of the conflict are the intention to dismiss in bad faith doctors employed in hospitals through health corporations (a move that will exacerbate the burden on medical staff), partial payment to some doctors during the corona period, deduction of sick days from doctors who had to stay in isolation, and lack of indemnity to doctors A lot of money for a special arrangement for children when the frames are disabled. “


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