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Peter Boeckx (59) recently filmed the documentary series Justice 4 all, which will be broadcast on Vier this fall. The first episodes can already be watched on Telenet.
Photo: Kris Van Exel

This autumn, Peter Boeckx (59) follows a number of well-known criminal lawyers in serious criminal cases for Vier. The first four episodes of Justice 4 all can be seen on Telenet from today.

It is something else again: after the mundane life in The sky is the limit and the portraits of some artists of life in Don’t worry be happy reporter Peter Boeckx goes behind the scenes of lawsuits. It does not contain small shrimps, but the heavy cannons are central. Boeckx was given permission to follow lawyers for months to defend their clients in cases involving extortion, rape, arms trafficking and murder.

Legal programs are now commonplace in the Flemish television landscape. Especially at Vier they are gradually subscribing to it. So get Ever free a sequel and is yet another season of The court in the scaffolding. Justice 4 all however, filmed a side of the Belgian judicial system that has not often been discussed: the staggering daily (working) life of seven heavyweights from the Flemish legal profession who defend potential murderers, tackle gangster practices and come into regular contact with dangerous drug gangs.

Terrible children in pornoproducenten

In the first episode we follow master Pol Vandemeulebroucke, the ‘enfant terrible’ of the Antwerp lawyers who assists his client in criminal court. The man has been threatened and extorted for years and has been convicted of attempted murder. Master Mounir Souidi visits a client in Leuven prison: a notorious porn producer.

The first recordings date from early 2018, when the program was still called Topadvocaten. “Not an easy program,” Boeckx said in this newspaper. “Those lawyers are not too bad, but the court, the clients, the counterparty, etc. must also give their approval. Fortunately, I get a lot of time from Vier because they know it is a difficult delivery. The emphasis is on the files and the clients, I film less in the private lives of the top lawyers. These are solid files, not two gram weed files. That does not interest me.”

Justice 4 All can be seen via Telenet Play and Play More


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