After the Bahamas, the southeastern US is preparing for Hurricane Isaias


Isaias was hanging over the Bahama’swhere he caused damage here and there. The tropical storm had previously developed into a Category 1 hurricane (on a scale of 1 to 5). Not nearly as devastating as Dorian last year, but with winds up to 130 mph enough for the residents of the Bahamas to take their precautions (photos below).

The storm is slowly moving towards Florida and is projected to move north, up the eastern coast of the US via North and South Carolina, among others. Tonight has the American National Hurricane Center the warnings for Florida already increased: from Saturday afternoon Isaias could bring a storm flood with lots of rain and wind. (text continues under the video)

Watch the video: satellite images of the hurricane, preparations in Florida and in the end Isaias sweeping across the Bahamas:


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