After stopping the corona, in the strip he returned to school without masks


Hundreds of thousands of students in the Gaza Strip returned to schools today (Saturday), without measures of social distance and wearing masks, after the educational institutions in it opened after a five-month closure. This is despite the fact that around the world, the spread of the corona virus has led to the postponement of the opening of studies. Schools in the Gaza Strip will initially open in part, until the beginning of the school year in September, following the success of Hamas in curbing the virus.

285,000 students returned to UNRWA schools and 277,000 to public schools. Students were not asked to wear masks or keep their distance, but teachers from the UN aid agency welcomed them with hand sanitizer.

The children and adolescents who returned to school will complete during the month of August the lessons they missed during the months of closure. To this end – the breaks were canceled, the length of the school days was shortened and the cafeterias were closed. Authorities expect a full-time return to school in September.


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