After one of the reporters got infected: two news presenters and a senior isolation reporter


Tamar Ish Shalom, Udi Segal and Alon Ben David will go into solitary confinement • News CEO 13, Israel Twito, is also expected to go into solitary confinement • The person who will submit the edition in the absence of Ish Shalom and Segal is Noga Nir Ne’eman

One of News 13’s letters was diagnosed today (Thursday) as positive for the corona virus.

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As a result, Tamar Ish Shalom and Udi and Segal will be isolated by the presenters of the edition. The reporter Alon Ben-David, who came in contact with him, will also go into isolation.

The three will be in solitary confinement until Monday.

News 13 CEO Israel Tuito is also expected to go into isolation.

The person who will submit the edition in the absence of a man of peace and staff is Noga Nir Ne’eman.

This morning, VP of Human Resources in News 13 sent a letter to the company’s employees and reported on the reporter’s adhesion. He sought to refine the procedures for defending against the virus among the company’s employees.

News 13 reported: “The company operates according to the guidelines and anyone who has received a message from the Ministry of Health or sat near it up to two meters away, according to an internal inspection conducted by us, will enter the isolation.”

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