After diplomatic pressure: you can still travel to Switzerland


Traveling to Vallis and Vaud is now allowed again.
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The travel advice for Switzerland is being adjusted again. Only a few days after the cantons of Vallis and Vaud were colored red, they turn green again. The canton of Geneva remains red.

The decision means that people can travel back to the two areas without any problems, and those who are already there should not be quarantined upon return. The change is noteworthy, as the status was turned to red just a few days ago. In Switzerland, however, that decision was received with incomprehension, because it was not clear how our country had arrived at that advice. The areas have relatively fewer infections than our country.

Travel smoothly

That diplomatic pressure from Switzerland has had results. “The status will be updated on the site from 4 pm on Wednesday,” confirms the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The change is good news for the two Intersoc hotels in the area (in Leysin and Zinal). The holiday service of the Christian mutual insurance company CM has about 550 guests from our country on the spot. “There is good news for them that they should not be quarantined upon return,” said Johan Swinnen, general manager of Intersoc. “And the next trip planned to our hotels will leave on Friday. These people, some 600, can therefore also make their journey without any problems. They had been given the opportunity to cancel their trip free of charge, but no one had already. ”


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