After Chris Fromm, a new sparkling signing in the Israeli team – running, cycling, triathlon, swimming


Israel Startup Nation has signed Canadian Mike Woods, one of the most talented climbers in the industry, to be a right-hand man and “work” with its biggest acquisition for next season – Tour de France winner Chris Fromm. Woods, 33, won and finished on the podium at the 2018 World Championships, won the Milan Torino race, a stage in the Spanish Valletta and seventh overall overall.

The reception for Mike Woods in the Israeli team Photo: Bettini Photo, courtesy of Israel Startup Nation

Until 7 years ago Woods was an anonymous athlete who started out as a runner and hockey player, until he was injured and left everything in favor of a banker job and working in a bike shop. The hand of chance met him with Canadian coach Paulo Saldana and good friend Silvan Adams. “You have an amazing ‘engine’,” Saldana told him and offered to resign from the bank immediately and devote all his time to cycling. He enlisted Adams to help Woods financially and became his coach.

6 years later Woods became a climber in the American team EF, but now he comes to “Israel Startup Nation” owned by Adams where Saldana serves as the group’s performance manager. “I owe it to Sylvan and Paulo my career,” said Woods, who will join the team next season. “And with the opportunity to ride and help the greatest rider of the generation Chris Fromm – and also achieve victories myself for the team. That would be a great thing.”

“For me, the arrival of Woods is particularly exciting. He will be of immense value to Fromm and our ambitions to face a victory in the Tour de France in the future and will be our leader in other races,” Adams noted. This signing joins other signings of senior riders since it became known that Fromm is landing in the Israeli team. Well-known pro-tour riders have been signed in recent days: Norwegian climber Carl Frederik Hagen, New Zealand watchmaker (avalanche rider) Patrick Bowie and one of the esteemed riders who will be the leading captain: Daryl Impie South African.

Meanwhile, the team is busy preparing to participate in the Tour de France in two weeks after launching yesterday (Wednesday) before noon to one of the toughest columns in the world – French Dauphine Column. The column will take part in the Israeli climber Guy Niv That it would be an important test race for him in the group’s internal race to become the first Israeli to compete in the Tour de France.

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