After 99 days: The 74-year-old recovered and was discharged from the corona ward


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Photo: Shaare Zedek spokeswoman

There was great and double excitement this week when 74-year-old Marina Chibtava was released from the isolated Crown ward and said goodbye to the staff who treated the ward for no less than 99 days.

This is probably the longest time in the entire world that a patient has been in the isolated ward. In recent weeks her condition has improved thanks to the dedicated care and after she fully recovered she was released in good condition to her home.

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Photo: Shaare Zedek spokeswoman

Dr. Ramsey Cord, director of the department, “We are so happy that Marina has recovered and is being released today. “Every day she was hospitalized, she became part of the ward and the family, and we are happy with her and her family that she is returning home healthy.”

Marina managed to celebrate her birthday during the hospitalization. The ward staff, nurses and doctors celebrated with Marina the recovery and release to her home.

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