After 100 days and 19 corona tests – the 74-year-old corona patient …


A world record in Israel? Marina Zamtova, 74, was released this week from Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem after having to undergo no less than 19 pen tests. Zemtova carried the virus in her body for 99 days – when 17 corona tests came back with a positive answer. Only the last 2 came back with a negative result and Zemtova was finally released from the hospital.

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For all of the 99 days Zemtova was hospitalized. In some, her condition was also severely defined. Corona patients whose corona tests return with a positive result over time are nothing new – but in Zemetova some things were unusual. First, even people who have been ill for a long time have not reached such a long period of time, of more than three months.

But more important is the fact that in all the tests, remnants of a live virus were found in Zemtova’s body, according to laboratory tests conducted at Shaare Zedek. In other patients, after a prolonged period usually only remnants of a dead virus have arrived. Even if the virus dies, the test will return with a positive result – but this is a less serious illness. In Zemtova, as mentioned, the virus was alive all the time.

This week, when the 18th and 19th tests came back with a negative result, the 74-year-old Zemtova was released from the hospital. This is a record number of tests for one person.


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