Adv. Boaz Ben-Zur joins Netanyahu’s defense team


Boaz Ben-Tzur officially joins Netanyahu’s defense team: Senior prosecutor Ben-Zur will conduct Netanyahu’s defense in the most central and serious case against the prime minister, Case 4000, in which Netanyahu is accused of accepting bribes. Tonight (Monday) it became clear that Ben-Zur will join the prime minister’s attorney team – after Netanyahu has tried to recruit his services in the past.

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Adv. Ben-Zur previously represented billionaire Arnon Milchen, who is at the center of the 1000 case – the gift case. Milchen was initially suspected of bribing Netanyahu, but in the end the prosecutor’s office decided to close the case – and not file an indictment against him.

Netanyahu has previously tried to add Ben-Zur to his defense team. Ben-Zur also contacted the State Attorney’s Office to find out whether the fact that he had previously represented Arnon Milchen raises legal difficulties, but the State Attorney’s Office did not object to the appointment. Arnon Milchen, as we published in the main edition, at the time expressed outrage at his lawyer’s move – but this time he seems to have removed his opposition. Ben-Zur also accompanied the key witness in the 1000 case, Hadas Klein.

Another interesting client of attorney Ben Tzur is businessman Miki Ganor – who is at the center of Case 3000, the submarine affair. Netanyahu is not suspected or accused in this case. Ganor had previously been a state witness against the other parties involved in the case – but eventually decided to withdraw from the state witness agreement. The person who accompanied him in the extraordinary move – and represents him even now when he is accused of giving bribes – is the lawyer Boaz Ben Tzur.


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