Adelson lost $ 1 billion; Trump is furious


a a A According to U.S. economic media reports, Jewish tycoon Sheldon Adelson (owner of the freebie, Israel Today) lost over $ 1 billion in his casino business in Las Vegas during the Corona period.

Concurrent with Adelson’s losses, the Politco website reported today that U.S. President Donald Trump called Sheldon Adelson and reprimanded him for not doing enough to keep him in power.

Adelson, who contributed to President Trump in a presidential campaign in 2106 astronomical sums of hundreds of millions of dollars, apparently due to the corona crisis, Adelson is much less helpful to the US presidential campaign.

Trump saw this as a personal injury, called Adelson and asked him to help the campaign more, in case he wanted him to be re-elected president again.

“As mentioned this week, Adelson’s casino profits were released in Las Vegas USA, from which it appears that in the last six months the casinos have recorded a net loss of close to $ 1 billion. B.


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