Adele supports Beyoncé with a particularly new and surprising look


Beyonce Released this past weekend her film in question and the visual album “black is king” and made everyone go crazy, even the British singer Adele Who posted a post in support of Kevin Bee and left her fans speechless from her new and wild look.

For anyone unaware of the details, Beyoncé is considered one of the most prominent names in the fight for the rights of blacks in the world. Long before the “black lives matter” movement, the singer set herself the goal – to preserve her history as an African-American woman in the United States and around the world.

Now, as is well known, the Queen has released a visual film in the streaming service of Disney And the network is going crazy. The film, written and directed by the Queen of the Bees herself, tells the story of a young African king who is expelled from his family to a cruel world and slowly learns to know his roots and history in Africa. The piece is accompanied by the voices of many black people including her husband Jay Z., Their daughter Blue Ivy, Kelly Roland andNaomi Campbell And also in songs from her latest album released in 2019 – “The lion king: the gift”.

As expected, the reactions to the invested film were not long in coming but one reaction caused even the TMI system to drop a jaw from the shock. British singer Adele who is known for her admiration for Kevin Bee, posted a post in support of the new work as she is photographed next to a frame from the film in an outfit that matches her idol and a curly and wild look that is not even slightly reminiscent of the diva with the huge voice.

As you may recall, over the past two years, Adele has undergone a long process of weight loss and the new change presents to its fans, a new and glamorous Adele than ever. She signed the post with the sentence: “Thank you Kevin Bee, for always making us feel loved through your art.” No no, thank you Adele for such memorable moments.


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