Actress Alyssa Milano shows hair loss ‘due to corona’ | Entertainment


In her bathrobe, with a brush in her hand, speaks Alyssa to her followers on Twitter: “Hi everyone, I wanted to show you the amount of hair coming out of my head as a result of Covid. As you can see my brush is hair free. ” Then the Hollywood star combs her hair for a minute, after which she shows the brush again. “One comb … this is the result of Covid-19. Wear a goddamn mask. ”

The 47-year-old actress shared a photo on Thursday in which she can be seen to a fan. “I was there on April 2, after having been feeling very bad for two weeks. I’ve never felt so bad. Everything hurt. It was as if there was an elephant on my chest. I could barely breathe and could not hold down any food. In two weeks I lost 4 kilos. I was completely confused and had a bad headache. I had all the symptoms of Covid-19, but the two tests I did before that came out negative, ”said Alyssa.


The actress continued to feel bad and did several more tests. “I took the anti-dust test, after which I felt a little better. That test also came back negative. After not feeling okay for more than four months now, I decided to go crazy again. Which showed that I still tested positive Covid-19. With this I just want to let you know that this virus is not a hoax. This is dead serious. I had the feeling that I was dying, the symptoms were so severe. ”

“Now that I am cured of the virus, I donate my plasma to science in the hope that it may save a life. Again, I couldn’t do anything when I was sick. My body was numb and painful at the same time. Take care of yourself and others. Wear a face mask, keep your distance and wash your hands. Please.”


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