Action, Lidl and Aldi super offer: flashy digital camera


Action, Lidl and Aldi sell all kinds of gadgets every week. Sometimes they are strange, in other cases they are multifunctional and useful. However, the gadgets are almost always affordable. Every now and then there is a topper that you should not miss. For example, Lidl is selling a digital camera for a competitive price this week.

Leave your smartphone at home and go out with a digital camera

2020 has been a year to remember in many ways. Where some of us stay indoors as much as possible, others are already planning a holiday. Or have they even crossed the border again for some adventure. The latest smartphones often have good cameras that record all your adventures razor-sharp. A disadvantage of this is that you have to have your smartphone at hand at all times. And that may not be what you want on holiday. So bring an old-fashioned camera with you. Lidl is selling one this week for a small price.

silvercrest digitale camera Lidl
Silvercrest digitale camera (Image: Lidl)

Lidl’s digital camera

Lidl’s digital camera looks a little more impressive than its specifications. Still, it is an okay digital camera for a very low price. How ‘ok’ the camera is depends of course on what you want to use it for.

This 16-megapixel camera has a 35-fold optical zoom and a 2-fold digital zoom. In addition, the camera makes full-HD video recordings in a resolution of 1080p and a maximum of 60 fps. Thanks to the auto focus, you don’t have to worry about blurry photos. Provided you don’t zoom in too much and have shaking hands, of course.

The digital camera comes with a Li-Ion battery that you can charge via a corresponding USB cable. In addition, the camera also has a camera bag and camera strap that come with the set.

Silvercrest digitale camera Lidl
De complete set (Image: Lidl)

Price: 149.00 euros

This week Lidl, Aldi and Action sell many more useful and cheap gadgets for next to nothing. Curious about what they are? Then check out the best gadgets you can score in week 32 here.

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Action, Lidl and Aldi super offer: flashy digital camera


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