Acting Commissioner of Police: “We will not allow harm to protesters”


Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

In the background of the demonstrations – the fear of degenerating into violent incidents, after the clashes that broke out yesterday at the “black flags” demonstration in Tel Aviv between the demonstrators and right-wing activists. Two suspects in the attack on protesters will be brought to court this morning for a hearing on extending their detention. Another suspect was released last night to his home, under restrictive conditions.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Superintendent Moti Cohen, this morning (Thursday) commented on the events of the recent protests: “Even in this complex period, we will allow every citizen the freedom of expression and protest within the law.

“We will continue to act in accordance with the assessment of the situation and allow the demonstrations throughout the country, regardless of the issue of the demonstration and the identity of the demonstrators,” Cohen added. “At the same time, we will not allow violence of any kind, harm to demonstrators, civilians and police alike. We will act resolutely in the full severity of the law against violators.”

“I am determined to allow every citizen his democratic rights within the boundaries of the law, and emphasize that the police are not a political body, they are free from foreign considerations and work for the public and for the benefit of the entire public.”

“In these turbulent days, I address the citizens of Israel personally: Respect the law, show tolerance for others, and together we will preserve the State of Israel and its values,” Cohen concluded.

Blue-white chairman and defense minister Bnei Gantz commented on the events in Tel Aviv yesterday: “What happened last night, and the violence we see, is what worries me, and it marks a slippery slope that could lead us to civil war,” he said in an interview with News 13. ” I call on everyone, no matter what, right or left, to stop being stoned, to stop hating. The debate is in place – hatred by no means, neither on this side nor on this side. I just call on all parties: stop, it’s going to be dangerous. “


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