According to journalist, the next PlayStation 5 showcase will take place between 5 and 11 August


In June, Sony unveiled the PlayStation 5 and quite a few games through a live stream. There have been rumors for some time that Sony will organize a similar showcase sometime this month, but no second live stream has yet been announced. We may now have a good indication of when we can expect this live stream.

Jeff Grubb, a generally reliable journalist from VentureBeat, split up Twitter a new overview with various live streams that will be organized in the near future. He indicates in that overview that Sony will come with a new State of Play live stream in August, without giving an exact date. However, Grubb has put this mention of the State of Play between two concrete dates, namely August 5 and 11.

Grubb said in a response that he did this consciously and thus the journalist hints that Sony’s second PlayStation 5 live stream will take place somewhere between August 5 and 11. It remains to be seen whether this is really correct. If that is the case, then an announcement from Sony will not be long in coming.


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