Accessible to the Torah: Rabbi Steinsaltz was buried on the Mount of Olives


a a A Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz was laid to rest this afternoon (Friday), on a funeral procession that left the Shamgar Funeral Home for the Mount of Olives – where he was buried.

The family requested not to physically attend the funeral procession due to the corona, but many came to accompany the rabbi on his final journey, while adhering to the corona restrictions.

Before leaving for the Mount of Olives, they began by singing the melodies attributed to the Chabad Rebbe. Rabbi Steinsaltz, was associated with the Lubavitcher rabbi and followed his advice.

The Chief Rabbis of Israel, the Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef, and Rabbi David Lau, paid tribute: In his unique way and in his exclusive path, he has become a beacon for many in the Torah and its thought. “

Many politicians, from all corners of the political spectrum, also praised Rabbi Steinsaltz, who was the first to publish a renewed commentary on the Babylonian Talmud.

In 1959, he completed his series of annotations on the Book of the Tanya, which he began publishing in 1958. The series consists of nine volumes, and is considered one of the simplistic annotations that best make the Book of Tanya accessible to the general public.

In 1959, he began publishing his commentary on Maimonides in collaboration with the Koren publishing company and at the initiative of the daily Maimonides organization. The whole book of Maimonides.

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid tribute, “A tremendous scholar, a genius in the Torah and a wonderful man of spirit. I grew up close to Rabbi Steinsaltz in the Jerusalem of my childhood, but I only got to know him personally years later. I met him several times at home, and heard his fascinating lessons.

“Rabbi Steinsaltz clearly represented the figure of the Jewish ‘perpetual’. In his memory, “Netanyahu added.

“Rabbi Steinsaltz’s love of Israel was greatly influenced by his closeness to Rebbe of Lubavitch and Chabad Chassidut. “I love my love and the love of the people of Israel. I send my deepest condolences to the Steinsaltz family and the tens of thousands of the rabbi’s students in Israel and around the world. May his memory be blessed,” the Prime Minister concluded.

President Rivlin said: Rabbi Adin was a man who had a spirit in him, with spiritual courage, depth of mind and depth of thought. Rabbi Della from the depths of the spiritual treasures of the people of Israel pearls, and in clear and clear Hebrew made the Talmud accessible to the people of Israel as Rashi was today.


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